Company Overview
Sharing Our Islands’ Spirit Allows Us to Return the Favor
Hawaiian Host Group, parent company to Hawaiian Host®, Mauna Loa®, and KOHO® brands, is the leading manufacturer of premium chocolate and macadamia nut snacks. Renowned for providing an authentic chocolate and macadamia nut experience, the iconic Hawai'i company has been offering a variety of high-quality, delicious products — from fine confectionery gifts to indulgent snacks — since 1927. Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaiian Host Group produces more than 40 unique premium chocolate and macadamia nut snacks and distributes worldwide.

Our History

The origins of Hawaiian Host can be traced back to almost a century. Mamoru Takitani along with his wife, Aiko, had hopes of producing a world-famous confection. Through hard work and dedication, they were able to create their one-of-a-kind recipe. Today, we still use that very same formula and continue to come up with a variety of macadamia delights to share with the world through our brands, Hawaiian Host, Mauna Loa, and KOHO.

The Takitani Foundation

The Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships and educational opportunities for underserved populations of Hawai‘i students.More than just providers of educational grants, The Takitani Foundation also strives to spur innovative improvements in education in Hawai‘i. The Foundation was created in 1993 to express the Takitanis’ appreciation to the local community for its continual support of their products.


We are the hosts of Hawai‘i. It is our job to make the Islands’ future flourish.
  • We aim to be local
  • We are sustainable when possible
  • We always lead with the Spirit of Hawai‘i


We inspire more people to live better with the Spirit of Hawai?i – a spirit of warmth, openness, human connection, and well-being.


We create Hawai‘i-inspired experiences through our uncompromising focus on excellence, ethics, and our desire to delight.

Our Culture

While we do make products intended to share the Spirit of Hawai‘i with the world or across the Islands — at Hawaiian Host Group, we aim to create exceptional experiences alongside our unique line of products. We seek to set the highest standards without settling and continue to innovate so we can stay relevant and exciting for our consumers.


Join Our Voyage
Our Brand Values guide our behaviors as individuals and as an organization. Through perseverance, initiative, unity and the desire to be bold, we at Hawaiian Host Group are able to move forward in our pursuit to make the Islands’ future flourish. Our Talent Engagement Promise shows how we reward those who live our values and lead with excellence. With our focus on unsurpassed quality and aim to delight, we create opportunities tailored to our team members so that they can reach their true potential and excel with Hawaiian Host Group. We offer a dynamic career path and see every team member as an individual with unique skills and needs. As they say in Hawaiian, imua — we help our team members “move forward with strength” for their own success.
Company Summary
Hawaiian Host Group
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